Hogty: inflatables and games

Hogty manufactures and sells inflatable eye-catchers and games. The product range is suited for rental companies, event agencies, schools and (sports) clubs. However a wide range of business know they need us to create their inflatable advertising. We have a wide range of inflatables with a big selection of skytubes and sky dancers. So you wanna draw attention to your copmany or need eye catchers for your event? We can supply your every need. Order our standard items directly from our stock, or contact us for your custom made inflatable.

We have a growing range of games. These go from tug of war to a giant twister game. We offer plenty of wooden games and unique team building games. We offer great prices possible and ship your product as fast as we can, mostly within 24 hours. Got any questions before placing your order? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!